Down but not out …


This site is a reincarnation of my previous blog, started two years ago. It has become desperately apparent to me that if I do not write and publish, I will wallow (i.e. drown) in the getting on with the day-to-day business of being a teacher in an intense international school. After some thought, but not too much, I have set up this new space, bringing some of my previous work over from “turner learner teacher” on Blogger.

I believe I am starting to surface from the process of adapting to a new country and different system. The core functions of my role remain the same, and it is exciting to feel like I am getting to a position where I can engage with more than just survival.

So I lift myself up off the floor, having taken a few shots to the left eye and the ribs. There is some blood, but nothing that a few stitches won’t sort out. The first few rounds sapped energy, but I am strong and resilient. This is the start of the next phase, and I am ready …

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